Zoo and the Zlín - Lešná chateau

Lukovská 112, 763 14 Zlín 12
phone: +420 577 914 180, +420 577 914 181

The zoological gardens Zlín-Lešná consist of a modern bio-park with spacious animal exhibitions, shared by mammals and birds of various zoological origins. The area is divided into zoo-geographic areas, which helps the visitors to see the most animal representation of the various continents (Africa, Asia, Australia, South America).
The zoological garden is situated in a beautiful historic park setting, with a number of ponds, running brooks and waterfalls in the animal exhibition areas and water fountains near the ponds.
The upper part of the park is dominated by an Art Nouveau-style chateau with beautiful carvings and rare antique collections from various Asian countries. The chateau is open to visitors between April and October; the zoological gardens are open year-round.
The zoo prepares for the visitors about 20 cultural programs every year, guided feeding of animals, mini-rail rides around the zoo, evening exhibitions, competition for children and visits by school children.