Zlin - the city of greenery and healthy lifestyles

City of greenery and lifestyles

parkZlín is rightfully called the city of greenery. The abundant green areas in the center itself as well as in its closest surroundings surprise most everyone who comes here for the first time. The extensive and well-groomed city park can be reached by foot from each place in the downtown in just a couple of minutes. Typical Bata architecture also enables the neighborhoods, which are closely adjacent to the downtown, to create neat green areas. From the bird's-eye view, the city looks like a green area from which bigger or smaller buildings, mostly in the functionalist style, are protruding here and there. The area of Svit, the former Bata factory, which is a typical industrial zone without a great amount of greenery, is the only exception.

The inhabitants of the city are appropriately proud of its "green face". The Municipality of Zlín takes care of the present green areas to be kept as nice as possible and of creating new places planted with greenery. The Municipality organizes its participation in the competition "Communities in Bloom", in which the neatest gardens or balconies are awarded. Zlín has also joined the international network of Healthy Cities.
The city park stretches from the House of Arts which is situated on a slope under "Tlustá" mountain, down to the center and continues towards the tree-lined Dřevnice River. Except for the main traffic arteries in the downtown itself, virtually all streets are planted with trees and green areas. It is very easy to find pleasant places to have a rest.

Also for that reason, the City Greenery Department of the Municipality of Zlín takes consistent care of restoration of the rural character of individual squares in the border parts of the city.

A central park is growing progressively in the largest Zlín's neighborhood Jižní Svahy (Southern Slopes). It should offer and offers already now possibilities of spending leisure time for both children and the adults. So called trail of health, which forms ideal conditions for both recreational and more intensive sport activities, is progressively extended on the opposite slopes of "Tlustá" mountain. It includes a number posts which enable sports enjoyment.

The inhabitants of the city have numerous opportunities for recreational sports enjoyment. If they decide for walks, jogging, tourism or mountain biking, they can use a number of marked trails or circuits in close vicinity of the city. Individual routes of various lengths and levels of difficulty also lead through surrounding picturesque hills. Zlín offers to the visitors and its inhabitants a number of opportunities to spend their leisure in a healthy style through the huge amounts of greenery and the possibilities for active exercise. For example, the humanitarian Terry Fox Run, in which a great number of recreational runners take part, is organized annually.

Therefore, Zlín for decades has remained what it always has been - the green city, the city in gardens.