Museum of Southeastern Moravia

14/15 Baťa Institute - Building No. 14
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This museum holds an extensive archive of collections in the form of exhibitions in Zlín, Malenovice, Vizovice, Luhačovice and Ploština. The natural science trust comes from the collection of the Count Seilern, the study institute of Bata company and its own regional researches. There is also a unique, specialized collection of the history of orienteering, documentation material from the travels of Hanzelka and Zigmund. These two Czech travelers have dedicated part of their lives to Zlín and therefore the local museum established the H+Z Legacy Foundation, which has taken over administration of the archive.

Shoe Museum

14/15 Baťa Institute - Building No. 14
telephone: +420 577 032 111, 

The museum features vast exhibits of historic and exotic shoes collected by the Bata company in 1930s. The collection follows development of footwear from the 15th century up till today. The museum holds various types of shoes from each continent. The collection was first presented to the public in 1931. The museum is one of the oldest shoe museums in the world.

There is also a moving office of the director of the Bata Company as one part of the museum and it is situated in an elevator in the Building No. 21.

Chateau Zlin - permanent exhibitions

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František Bartoš Hall - a permanent exhibition of a national historian, folklorist, linguist and teacher, featuring a part of his work study from his family house in nearby suburb Mladcová.
Across Five Continents with Hanzelka and Zikmund - a permanent exhibition containing, aside from personal documents, notes and data, also certain components of their equipage, unique photographs and a collection of artifacts from their travels,
Zlín Film Studio - from Advertisement to Creation for Children - a permanent exhibition representing the Zlín film studio, including creations by Hermína Týrlova and Karel Zeman.

Malenovice Castle

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The Museum of Southeastern Moravia created exhibition rooms, study rooms and a depository here in 1953. Part of the castle is open to the public. Visitors may see the castle interiors (so-called painted hall with a late Gothic vaulted ceiling and preserved writings from the first half of the 16th century, the castle chapel with paintings from the mid-18th century, office furnishings of the Malenovice Manor, and others). The castle tower is also open to visitors. During the tourist season concerts, theater performances and historical sword-plays are held at the Malenovice Castle.
Permanent Exhibition
Castles of Southeastern Moravia - a long-term exposition including the results of the ten-year research of the archeological department of the Museum of Southeastern Moravia in medieval castles in the region.
The Šternberk Family in Malenovice and Pohořelice 1804 - 1945 - exhibit dedicated to the history of the Malenovice branch of the Šternberk family and development of the Malenovice and Pohořelice lordship under the government of their last owners
Ancient Southeastern Moravia - an exposition documenting the development of ancient settlements from Paleolithic up to the Slavonic Period.

Classic Car Museum -Samohýl motor veteran

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In the new building in Zlín - Louky you'll find a museum containing a large collection of cars and motorcycles. The beginning of the collection, containing more than 100 exhibits, dates back to the years 1956 to 1960. There is a unique collection of the automobiles Laurin and Clement as well as Škoda. The exhibits are displayed chronologically according to year of manufacture. This largest Czech private collection of automobiles, boasts numerous rarities such as the last existing Benz Parcifal automobile from 1902. It is necessary to book a visit in advance.