City architecture

Architecture of Zlin

Unique functionalist architecture, unparalleled in Europe by its good state of preservation - this is the first and fundamental perception for people who see Zlín for the first time. This brings the modern industrial metropolis to a specific charm. The features of most dominant buildings in the city are typical un-plastered red brickwork, which is a basic constructional element of all buildings, reinforced concrete skeleton, flat roof and steel window frames.

A great part of Zlín was built in the times of the glory of Bata's shoemaking factory. The downtown has essentially remained the same since the 1920s and 30s. Most of the key and dominant buildings including the most famous one - the administration building of the shoemaking factory No. 21, Zlín's skyscraper also. This building was one of the first high-rise buildings in Europe. It has really deserved the award "Building of the Century" which has been granted to the skyscraper together with the complete area of the former Bata's factory.
Public utility buildings and factory halls were constructed. Complexes of school buildings, the hospital and the Zlín film studios were built in the spirit of the Bata architecture. For example, the Moskva hotel in the downtown together with the marketplace building and the Great Cinema form one of such unique complexes. The cinema with an auditorium capable of seating one thousand visitors is still the biggest building of this kind throughout the country. Morýsovy domy (Morýs's Apartment Buildings) and Kolektivní dům (Collective Apartment Building) also belong to the dominants of the city.

Typical settlements of Bata single houses, double houses and quarter-houses intended for accommodation of workers also spread with the progressive increase of the number of Bata factory employees. The complete town neighborhoods - Zálešná, Podvesná, Letná, Lesní suburb or Díly - were built up in this way.

Most of the buildings, which were designed and constructed by the reputable architects Karfik, Gahura, Kotěra, Lorenc and Le Corbusier, are listed buildings which represent real worldwide unique pieces within their style.

The Municipal Theater is one of Zlín's most significant buildings. Large neighborhoods were constructed at the boundaries of the city.

4b8598a4-s_3-21.budova the administration building of the shoemaking factory No 21 Morýs s Apartment Buildings