The Grand Cinema

náměstí Práce 2511, Zlín

ticket office: +420 571 817 264

cashier's desk  +420 571 817 241-(242)

The Grand Cinema was initially built in 1933 as a temporary measure. The building was designed by the design department of The Baťa Company a.s., Zlín. The authorship is ascribed to the architect Mr. F. L. Gahura, but his authorship is proven only in adaptation of the interior in 1939. After the construction, the theatre was actually the first cultural facility in the city, meant for large number of spectators, which was then an unbelievable 2,270 people! This was without a doubt one of the largest movie theatres in the pre-war Czechoslovakia and probably also in central Europe. It has become, with its simple design, an integral part of the city square and underlined the dominant position of the Social Events Centre - the Interhotel Moskva on its southern edge. More information

The Golden Apple Cinema

Telephone: +420 571 817 255

The new 3D cinema in Zlin, its situated in The Golden Apple shopping centre, on the Peace Square. More information